Why I love getting on my hands and knees vs a mop

Ok, at first most of you may think I am weird or it’s disgusting to mop the floor with a cloth and get down on my hands and knees. The truth of the matter is, I think it’s much more hygienic, much more thorough and satisfying for many reasons.

I’d love to say that we have no mop in our home, but….. we do have just one. but it isn’t one that I use. Because of the kids and visitors and my partner, I have just one flat mop in the bathroom although I do not use it and it gets replaced with a new one very often. This one mop is for everyone else who can’t be bothered to do it mummy’s way.

6 reasons why you should ditch the mop, YES, even for the bathroom:

  • using a good microfibre cloth you can get every single hair a mop wouldn’t get
  • reach the tightest corners in any room
  • no space to store a mop and bucket cause of a small house like mine and don’t want them on display? problem solved, get a small basin and hide in a cupboard or behind something
  • no more minging smells from damp mops. you can wash the cloth thoroughly by hand or in the washing machine
  • echo friendly, no need to change and dispose of mop head, use cloth until it’s tired out
  • feel secure that every inch of your floor has been disinfected and polished by your very own hands

I will put a video up soon to show you the process and how I get my floors smelling like flowers. But for now, if you don’t already, go ahead and try it for yourself, I know for a fact it’s more hygienic than using a conventional mop. Who knows maybe you’ll ditch the mop after this. I have to say, I despise them with a passion! Even hearing the word is agony, lol

ps. I do wear gloves so I’m not completely mad


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