How to tell if milk is still safe without using the expiry date

I can’t tell how much it gets to me when I see food being disposed of when it’s perfectly safe to eat and drink. It’s a waste of our resources and money and frankly with animal products such as cow’s milk, it’s an injustice especially when that cow has spent hours being milk for it to just be thrown away.

My mother has never poured milk down the sink just because the bottle says so. It isn’t told to expire on that day. This is just an estimate, for extra health and safety measures. These measures are there because people who live in the modern society have no idea about where their food comes from, or indeed what it should look, taste or smell like when it has gone off.


This is what I do. If I see that the expiry date of the milk has passed or I have some suspicions from the smell; I pour a little milk into a cup (1/4 cup) and put it in the microwave until it boils. Take it out and if the milk has curdled, it is expired, if it hasn’t curdled (which is mostly the case), it’s fine, you can drink it. There we go!

What you could do instead is pour a little in a table spoon and hold it over a flame to check that way.

Note: I’m only speaking from experience and what I’ve been taught by my dear mum, it is NOT EXPERT ADVICE.

I hope this was helpful. Try it at home and see how much money you save on just milk alone. Feel free to leave me any comments


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