Keep your bathroom free of scum with this simple solution

I’ve had a tidy a little gadget in my bathroom that I can’t live without, and even the kids love using it. Everyone uses it when they’ve finished having a shower and it keeps our bathroom tiles so shiny and so clean you can see a clear reflection on them.

Run your fingers across your tiles when you haven’t given them a deep clean. Can you feel that some tiles are totally smooth and you can feel the ceramic whereas some of them have a layer of what I can only describe as scum. The tiles that are exposed to dirty, soapy water would be the scummy ones. Every time this dirty, soapy water is allowed to stay and dry on the tiles, there begins a build up of dirt, grease and hard water. Layer after layer, it gets more and more difficult to remove.

Since I am the only one who does the cleaning at home, it’s a bit difficult for me to clean the tiles every single time someone comes out the bathroom; I have myself, my 6 year old and my dearest partner and sometimes my 11 year old sister who stays over on the weekends and my partner’s two daughters.

The Solution?

Behold……. the Squeegee

You know a squeegee, window cleaners’ gadgets, it has a flat rubber bit at the end and you slide it left to right on a wet surface in a downwards direction to sweep all the liquid down. After my shower I spray the wet tiles with my usual bathroom cleaner or a solution of vinegar and water with a cap full of my favourite Zoflora and get my squeegee out. Next, with my squeegee, I work from one side to the other slowly going in a downwards direction.

sweeping right to left but angling it downwards

sweeping right to left but angling it downwards

Well I say slowly but actually I do it so quick it’s like lightning. I get the kids to do it every time after their shower and it works because you aren’t allowing the water to rest and dry on the tiles. You can also do this for the bath and its corners to prevent mold.

sweep the corners of the bath to prevent mould

sweep the corners of the bath to prevent mold

In fact the kids don’t even have to spray the area first, they go in straight for the squeegee. Not only will you need to give it a deep clean less often but your tiles stay squeaky clean for longer. It’s a double wammy I say!


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