dated 2006 (aged 17) , sketched from pen, exposed to light, starting to fade a bit

I have a drawer in the living room where I store the books with my sketches in it. There aren’t a lot of them but it’s a few to be proud of. This drawer also has other…. well it’s not particularly junk but things like board games, the odd Christmas lights, coloring books and things, well let’s call it the fun drawer then. Amidst all of that fun, I can’t even get a glimpse of my work because it’s buried underneath everything else.


I’m not complaining, I was just thinking, that we as parents seem to neglect ourselves way too often and forget to have our own fun. In my case, it’s way too easy to continue being a mum and not try to juggle my hobbies alongside that.

Every now and then, my 6 year old would ask me out of the blue to show him some of my work and I’d get a few minutes of  WOW!s and smiles every time, especially at a half finished portrait I drew of him when he was few months old while he was sleeping.

You know what, I can’t honestly tell you that sketching or drawing is a hobby of mine, but it’s just something that I have a talent for.  For me, it’s too time consuming and I just don’t have the patience.

On a lighter note, about a year and half ago, when I bought some picture frames to hang up some baby pics on the wall in the living room, I had a spare frame and found something to put in it…


something I did at school aged about 15

It’s been hanging there proudly ever since and really brightens up the room.

I suppose when both my boys are a bit older and don’t demand as much attention, I might revisit this forgotten part of my life.

Enough about me, now it’s your turn. Please share your forgotten talents or hobbies in the comments and maybe put a link to a post, I’d love to read.





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