Sometimes instilling discipline in our children can feel like a tiresome task with all the other stresses of work and life. When not done correctly, it can often feel like a one step forward, two steps backwards kind of game. Having a no nonsense, consistent approach not only produces results but also takes away that ‘pointless’ feeling we sometimes get. The older our children get, the more stuck they become in their ways as I am sure we are all aware so the earlier we firm up the rules, the quicker and easier it is.

Drama by  Francisco Carbajal, CC BY-ND 2.0

Drama by Francisco Carbajal, CC BY-ND 2.0

The key to successfully disciplining a child (and I am not saying mine are perfect), is to pick up on everything they do and bring it to their attention immediately. This will require a lot of observation and alertness and can seem like a lot at the beginning (I felt this as I first took up the approach), but it becomes second nature soon enough. Picking at every wrong doing every time reminds our children that there is no room for a ‘one off’ or a slip up, it’s out of the question.

My son had some sort of shyness if I can call it that, with greeting people and the same with saying goodbye. We can only pass these issues for so long before we realise they are starting to become a problem. Maybe I shouldn’t have brushed over them at all, thinking that he was only a baby. But for how long? Now with mine and my partner’s attitude of not giving in and standing our ground, no matter what the context, if it means embarrassing him we do just that, I can say that our hard work is starting to pay off.

There are plenty of other things that may come up, for example, the faces that get pulled when they get told off. These also need to be addressed, we are parents and not their friends neither are we their enemy. Tantrums, stomping off and grunts are not permitted. We teach our kids to respect us as their parents and remind them of the fact that we pull them up on things because we love them. A stranger will seem kinder and not pull you up on things because frankly, they couldn’t care less about you.

We haven’t finished. The next post will concentrate on 5 of the most important elements of disciplining children that all parents should be aware of.  Subscribe by email to be the first to receive a notification when it’s posted.



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