Making money from home isn’t as easy or straight forward as it’s cropped out to be. There are endless blogs and websites listing ways to make money from home, but everyone’s lives are different and we all have different abilities and commitments. I found an enjoyable way to make a decent amount from home and if you like meeting new people, you’ll love this.

This is for all the cooks out there.

I discovered a website called ‘Meetup.com‘ around the time I had my first child. I signed up to try and meet like minded people in my area. Anyway, I ended up not really using it. Six years later and I gave it another visit, this time it was more for professional networking motives. How it works is there are already many groups in your area to do with whatever interests they have. So you’ll find a photography group, a bird watchers group, a book club, over 50s rock climbers, whatever suits your fancy. You then join the group and actually go to one of their meet-ups, so it’s not just a virtual thing, it makes finding people with similar interests easier.

london meetup screenshot

A screen shot of my local meet-up groups and how many members they have

Apart from recreational groups, they also have a myriad of other entrepreneurial and business groups on the site. As well as joining meet-ups, members can also set up new groups to meet their needs. It really is a brilliant place on the web.

One of the groups I discovered,  is the ‘Secret Dining- Supper Clubs in London’. I assume you can find or set up a group just like this one anywhere you are. This group is for food lovers and people who want to eat out but not in a conventional restaurant setting. They want dinner with a theme, or an interesting space or in someone’s home. It gives the whole ‘evening dinner out’ experience more of an intimate affair.


Someone lists a meet-up in that group. They state the particulars including the capacity for the event, the location etc along with the price per person. Anyone who is going, RSVPs and a count of the number of places left and the number of people going are visible to everyone. The organizer can put an option for anyone attending to prepay. In the UK, it costs £5 to list meet-ups, fully refundable if no-one wants to go so it’s totally risk free.

I have seen a Japanese themed supper event go for £29 ($44) per person with 44 people going last time I checked. A Spanish themed one for £35($52). Both of these organisers re-listed multiple times which shows it actually works.

I am aware that this isn’t a new phenomenon but this particular website makes it so much easier to find the diners you need to make it work.

I only discovered this in the weekend and have spoken to dear partner about making this happen. Once a month events could help fund our vacations and pay for extra curricular clubs and lessons for the kids. I am hoping to get my mum involved for some help as Karl can hardly find a cup in the kitchen let alone know how to work a stove. Ok, may be I exaggerated a bit but you know what I mean.

It may not be straight away but if I manage to pull one off, I’ll be posting everything so watch this space.


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