Laundry Room Nightmare!

For days now I’ve had a task that I’ve been putting off. After doing the washing, drying it and then emptying the dryer, I’ve ended up with a pile of clean laundry in the bedroom that just won’t shift.

Now I know I’m not on my own because I’ve just searched for the words ‘laundry pile’ on Google and there were a ton of images that could go on for years. I’ve also seen friends and family with the same problem.

Now, I do not have the time to sit there all day and iron a week’s worth of washing. I just fold each item of clothing neatly and put it away. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it goes straight out of the dryer, into a fold and then lands in the wardrobe or drawers but most of the time it goes into the ‘pile’. I hate thinking about sitting upstairs on my own, folding a pile of laundry and putting it away. I’ve also tried the ‘take it into the living room and fold it there’ approach. What happens there is I end up leaving it in the living room until God knows when because once you’ve sat down, you get lazy.

So, I’ve developed a different strategy to make it easier to get from this:

September26 268/365 by  Memphis-and-53rd, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

September26 268/365 by
Memphis-and-53rd, (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

to this:


My wardrobe, now tidy by Magnus , (CC BY 2.0), cropped

I will not empty the clean laundry out of the dryer straight into the basket. Since I spend most of my time in the kitchen alone anyway, what I don’t mind doing is taking one item at a time out of the dryer and folding it neatly. I’ve got a stool in the kitchen so I can sit there so I don’t get tired standing. From there it’s a question of doing the normal task of taking them upstairs.

This is one of my not so radical plans, instead it’s a simple solution but I hope it works. How do the rest of you deal with it? Please share!


12 thoughts on “Laundry Room Nightmare!

  1. -Amy- says:

    Unfortunately my dining table seems to be the drop zone for clean clothes. When I can’t put them right away my cat thinks I’ve just created a nice warm bed for him! Needless to say my iron has been working overtime.

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  2. My mummy Likes says:

    I actually enjoy ironing and putting clothes away I find it quite therapeutic. My problem seems to be with “stuff”. Things downstairs that need to go upstairs or vice versa (normally said stuff gets moved around by my 3 year old and never put away) there is also a cardboard box in my bedroom since we’ve moved just with stuff that still needs to find a home. We moved over 3 months ago!!! 😖

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    • Sabrina says:

      I’m with you on the stuff but now my son is older he’s learned to tidy up after himself or when I tell him. Everytime I leave a room, I never walk out empty handed, I’ve always got something to take over to the other room that belongs there. As for ironing, I don’t do bulk but I iron each day’s outfit when the time comes.

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  3. ddominikwickles says:

    I have a clothesline hanging by my washer and dryer so when things come out of the dryer they either go on hangers or folded into a basket. Then I carry the hanged clothes & basket up to the bedroom. Works for me 🙂

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  4. lilypup says:

    I have laundry that are “hang-ups”. Shirts, pants, shorts, even nightwear for me. Anything you don’t want to wear wrinkled. I separate these into a different load from my folding. (sheets, towels, underwear, nightwear, socks) I hang the clothes fairly wet from the dryer on hangers and let them air dry on a rack on rollers. I fold the clothes while I am watching TV. Make someone else put them away. (Hubby or kids). It works for me.

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  5. T. says:

    I guess I’m OCD…I have to fold right out of the dryer and everything has it’s place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as nice as your second picture. I have way too many clothes.

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