The Point Where a Teacher Lays Their Hands on a Student

Watch this video when a teacher engages in a physical fight with her student:

How does it get to the point where a child feels they are invisible? How long must this teacher have been suffering for her to react like this? It might not just have been this day, it might have been a build up of abuse over time, and obviously not just verbal abuse but physical. No human being should fear the system so much that they can not defend themselves against physical assault. What lesson would expelling that teen do (that’s the best thing schools can do apparently)? That’s the result she wants.

This teacher had every right to retaliate, I don’t care if you call that ‘thing’ a child but she looks like a woman to me. She definitely thinks she’s a grown ass woman! If she wants to give it, she should be ready to take it.

I was even shocked at the reaction of her relatives. I have only seen this video and know that the teen is at fault here and not the teacher. First a chair, then a key board, then a book, next what, a knife? No! When it gets physical and refrain from violence, walk away, even call for help, but the situation still follows you, you can’t just stand there and wait for it to cripple or kill you. Forget all formalities, it’s fight or flight mode.

This is the video with the relatives’ reactions:


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