The Science Behind That New Baby Smell

All mothers know that new baby smell. When you kiss your baby, you don’t just do it with your lips but with your nose too. Any opportunity to smell them gives us calm and wanting more as though it’s a drug. I may be an extreme case but I’m in love with smells that I shouldn’t really be loving like his sweat, his milky breath, even his full nappy. Ok, I’ll stop right there. I bet you’re thinking, “crazy woman”.

Well, it turns out there’s a deep biological reason for this aromatic bond between mother and baby. Neuro-imaging research shows that the satisfaction mothers get from their baby’s odour is the same as what a drug gives to an addict. More about this here.

This is also true the other way round, as in a baby’s reaction to their mother’s smell. We have known about this in animals but not much research has been conducted on this topic for humans. I wonder why?

Who else is as weird as me, or how would you describe the feeling you get from that baby smell?


13 thoughts on “The Science Behind That New Baby Smell

  1. My mummy Likes says:

    I miss the smell of my newborn daughers head, gives me butterflies thinking of it .Now shes 3 her room still has a particular smell of her, like a sweet girlie smell, sometimes I go in there when shes at school and just inhale the scent for a moment. Now I sound slightly mad too!

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    • Sabrina says:

      Lol, cats fur. Apparently there’s a whole group if mums who like the smell of their baby’s poop, not me, poop is a bit too much. Yes I agree, there is something about the smell of our kids heads that has that same effect.


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