The Science Behind That New Baby Smell

All mothers know that new baby smell. When you kiss your baby, you don’t just do it with your lips but with your nose too. Any opportunity to smell them gives us calm and wanting more as though it’s a drug. I may be an extreme case but I’m in love with smells that I shouldn’t really be loving like his sweat, his milky breath, even his full nappy. Ok, I’ll stop right there. I bet you’re thinking, “crazy woman”. Continue reading



My youngest has developed a cold and at seven months old, they really find it hard to cope with. Sleep time is agony, it’s hard enough for us as adults so you can imagine for a baby who can’t even blow his own nose. Bless him. Apart from a few solutions out there on the market including pipettes which are an ingenious solution, I must say, there is something you probably have ready at hand if you don’t have a pipette.

When it comes to wiping baby’s nose, tissue can be quite harsh on the skin. A handkerchief would be better but I’ve found something that feels even smoother.

Get a few of your baby wipes, give them a rinse to remove any of the manufacturer’s additives and use them wet or dry. The Johnson’s baby wipes we use are so soft especially when dry, they glide over the skin and you will feel a difference when helping your baby get cleaned up. They can also be reused, just give them a hand wash, but to be honest, they are so cheap I don’t give myself the extra bother.