The Link Between How We Think and Our Success

When I watched this TED video, it made me realise just how many people go about their lives doing things with no purpose. How people never question the things they do, say or believe. I like to know the reason behind everything I do. If I don’t know why, I question it and the answer I get has to make logical sense. One of the things I would hate, is for my children to grow up without this mindset.


The Point Where a Teacher Lays Their Hands on a Student

Watch this video when a teacher engages in a physical fight with her student:

How does it get to the point where a child feels they are invisible? How long must this teacher have been suffering for her to react like this? It might not just have been this day, it Continue reading

The Truth About Child Support and the £6.5bn British Government Blunder

kids money dollar bills tossed by  Carissa Rogers, (CC BY 2.0)

kids money dollar bills tossed by
Carissa Rogers, (CC BY 2.0)

I have lived as a single parent for some time so know how it is on the financial front. There was a short period when I took a break from working in catering to obtain my Accounting Diploma and had to go on benefits. Now, I am very disciplined with my finances so whatever I got from the state, I budgeted with it and we made do because I knew I wasn’t going to be in that situation for long. We didn’t have much left over to afford wants but it was enough for our needs.

Now, the question of getting fathers to pay Child Support, I am all for it and if I had known back then that there was such a thing as CSA (Child Support Agency), I would not have refused the help.

But I found something out that makes no sense at all and it made my blood boil to the core. Continue reading