The Science Behind That New Baby Smell

All mothers know that new baby smell. When you kiss your baby, you don’t just do it with your lips but with your nose too. Any opportunity to smell them gives us calm and wanting more as though it’s a drug. I may be an extreme case but I’m in love with smells that I shouldn’t really be loving like his sweat, his milky breath, even his full nappy. Ok, I’ll stop right there. I bet you’re thinking, “crazy woman”. Continue reading


What Makes You Mine

“it’s the little things that only i know,

those are the things that make you mine”

Westlife, Flying Without Wings

My Story: ‘Love On the London Underground’ (Published on Amommasview)

“Working my way through the station to catch the next train,
I had just stepped on to the escalators on my way down when
I noticed the red jacket guy. He looked back…”

An excerpt from my personal love story published over at ‘A Momma’s View‘. There is a section on her blog dedicated to couples stories including her own. She invites people to write their’s and send them in to be posted.

Here’s my story; Love On the London Underground, it’s about how I met my gorgeous boo.

I’m such a romantic



My partner and I love learning new things together and apart from outings, we also like to bring out the books every now and then.

It feels like such an intimate thing every time we do it. I’m not talking about fictional books. I’m not one for fiction as I mentioned before on my book list page. You can take a look at what I like to read over there.

Talk about growing together

He reads aloud to me and when he gets tired, I read  to him. We take little pauses to reflect on what we’ve read and let our imaginations and creative juices flow. It feels so special because it’s something we do alone, we learn things as a couple to better ourselves and our lives through knowledge.

All couples should do this, give it a go.


A few days ago we went out for a family dinner. It was the opening night of a new Caribbean restaurant in the area. Karl (my partner) happened to have some close ties with the proprietor’s friend and it was nice to have a table reserved for us even though we arrived a little late. The advantages of being in the mix eh?… Well this was the first time that I actually took in and absorbed my whole attitude to networking. I think because I am quite a reserved and introverted person, I have always had a bit of difficulty keeping in touch with people and conversation mostly flows if I click with the person.

Did you know that according to many polls at least half to 
a third of the population are introverts(including Obama)
Obama in Denver - Yes We Can by Chris Coleman, (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Obama in Denver – Yes We Can by Chris Coleman, (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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What do you do when you get guests that refuse even a drink of water, let alone a proper drink or food that you’ve obviously spent time and effort on. Whether you just bought it and dished it up or slaved over it in the kitchen.

All sorts of thoughts enter my mind when this happens:

  • Do they not like me?
  • Don’t they want to be here?
  • What’s the the probability they will say no to the next thing?
  • Do they see me as unhygienic hence why they are refusing?
  • Stop being paranoid, there’s probably nothing in it

I was taught that when people come round to yours, it’s a must to offer them a drink and preferably a bite to eat. A lot of us get offended when people refuse, I guess it’s a traditional value that has been passed down for generations. Sometimes I understand people tend to be modest, so a ‘no’ actually means a ‘yes’ so we have to ask a few times before we actually hear a ‘yes’.  But there have been a few who undoubtedly refuse. How to deal with these extra shy individuals is to serve them up a drink no matter what they say.