A Sign I’m Getting Wiser

This morning as i was getting ready, I looked closely at my face in the mirror. As I moved my eyes up, I noticed two little grey hairs on the front of my head. I was happy to see these two hairs. I’ve never been a woman who’s felt offended when asked my age and don’t understand what the big deal is. I love getting older and wiser and as long as I’ve learned from each year life gives me, I will shout it out to the world.

I AM 25!

May be when I get older my views will change but I doubt it.

A message to the two youngest parts of my head. “I will not dye you. I will take care of you and give you the same nourishment as the rest of me. Don’t you worry, welcome to my life 🙂


The Truth About Child Support and the £6.5bn British Government Blunder

kids money dollar bills tossed by  Carissa Rogers, (CC BY 2.0)

kids money dollar bills tossed by
Carissa Rogers, (CC BY 2.0)

I have lived as a single parent for some time so know how it is on the financial front. There was a short period when I took a break from working in catering to obtain my Accounting Diploma and had to go on benefits. Now, I am very disciplined with my finances so whatever I got from the state, I budgeted with it and we made do because I knew I wasn’t going to be in that situation for long. We didn’t have much left over to afford wants but it was enough for our needs.

Now, the question of getting fathers to pay Child Support, I am all for it and if I had known back then that there was such a thing as CSA (Child Support Agency), I would not have refused the help.

But I found something out that makes no sense at all and it made my blood boil to the core. Continue reading

Surround Yourself with Good (MM)

I live by this! Love it!


”You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”-Jim Rohn

We have all heard this quote or a variation of it at some point of our life. Maybe it was in a class. Maybe it came from your mother when she questioned you about the friends you kept as a teenager. But it’s true. It’s not about stereotyping. It’s about the company you keep affecting your life and the decisions you make.

Think of five people you spend the most time with. Are they achievers? Creatives? Type A personalities? Intellectuals? Or are they procrastinators and just plain lazy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that if you are content with your present condition. But if you want to make something out of yourself and succeed in life you have to make a change.

Now I know there is someone out there who is saying that…

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Laundry Room Nightmare!

For days now I’ve had a task that I’ve been putting off. After doing the washing, drying it and then emptying the dryer, I’ve ended up with a pile of clean laundry in the bedroom that just won’t shift.

Now I know I’m not on my own because I’ve just searched for the words ‘laundry pile’ on Google and there were a ton of images that could go on for years. I’ve also seen friends and family with the same problem. Continue reading